Welcome to ZOMGBoost – Where cheap is still quality! I would like to introduce myself, you can call me Trade, short for Tradezomg. I have Botting WoW Accounts since Pre-BC & The Early Days of WoWGlider. Over the past decade I have established a very reputable and trustworthy business.

Before you read the next paragraph, let me introduce myself. I am Tradezomg. As I said above, I have been using bots for WoW for 10+ years, over that time I have been able to develop my own profiles, combat routines, and some botbases. I have purchased private and non-private. I edit my profiles often, and ever so often change a few little things in the combat routines . I try my best to keep my profiles updated, private, and undetected. Which has been very successful in a very proud 0% Ban Rate!

We are currently open for business and looking for forward to helping you get that perfect arena rating, mount that you’ve been farming for months or even years. You can click on the Shop button on the side or click here to head over and see what we offer!