Hero Class Full 1-80 Package


Hero Class Full 1-80 Package 00007

Premium Set will be activated, can't guarantee how long (Can add more time if you need)

Atleast 10-20 Million Meseta will be left over for you along with plenty of other goodies!

Daily login on PSO2 & PSO2es (Phone Game) for all the rewards!

Dark Blast Questline Completed.

Geared up with atleast 12* units & 2 beneficial rings (Requesting Rings is Available)

Fishing, Harvesting & Crafting can be done daily if asked for!

3) 13* Weapons 1 of Each leveled to +35 (Sword, Talis, Twin Machine Guns)

3) Classes of your choosing but within the Fighter/Techer/Gunner types from 1-75

You can choose between a new character as your hero or the one with your 3 lvl 75 classes to be the 1-80 (New character is $25 extra)

I'm sure there is more to the the package that I'm just forgetting about.

There can be discounts if your account already has classes leveled and such.

Feel free to contact me on skype or discord before or after ordering!

Ship 3 boosting is only available while you play with us, we do not logon your account for Ship 3.

Skype: tehrooness

Discord: RoO#2807
$450 In stock
Us or You? You play your character during the boost. (-75) We play your character for you. (0)
Skype or Discord
New Character 1-80 Hero Class on a New Character (25)
A ship other than 2? Yes (50) No (0)
Streaming Yes, stream my boost (10) No, don't stream my boost (0)